What is small batch, hand-dyed yarn?

Indie dyers (hello, that's me!) take blank yarn and use dyes to create beautiful colors and patterns on the yarn.  We then make it available for you to to create with!  Our skeins are little works of art created just for you with a limited run of yarn.  Small batches means that we meticulously create these skeins in small pans instead of giant vats, to give our yarn more chance to shine and dance!


Why is my skein not exactly like the one pictured?

Hand dyeing yarn means that there will always be very slight variation in each skein, but that's the fun of it!  Each one is beautiful and shines on it own.


How can I keep my skeins from color-pooling while knitting with them?

What IS color pooling you ask?  Well, my friend, that is when colors from the same skein tend to pool together to create a vortex of awesome eye-catching arrangements.  HOWEVER.  Sometimes people don't LIKE color-pooling.  If you are one of those (like me!) our suggestion is to alternate between two skeins of the same color way while you are knitting.  There are tons of Youtube tutorials on how to do this, if you need someones guidance. 


Can I machine wash your yarn?

Good question.  In theory - Superwash yarn has been treated to help prevent felting in the wash.  HOWEVER, we always highly caution against actually washing your garments with all your other clothes.  You just don't want to ruin that gorgeous sweater before its lived its life!.  We suggest using a soap made for wool (also called wool wash!  we have some in our store if you need it!) and handwashing any hand-knit, wool/alpaca-based, garments.  With that being said... I'll be the first to admit that this doesn't necessarily get my socks as clean as I need them to be.  SO, with caution, you can use the small bit of agitation you can muster to clean those beloved socks.  It shouldn't hurt them with our super washed yarn.  As with any hand knit garment - let them air dry flat (or on blockers). 

With that being said!  Our natural and NON-superwashed yarns absolutely cannot be washed or dried in conventional washing machines and dryers.  These fibers have not been treated and will felt easily in those conditions.  Gently soak these in lukewarm water with wool wash and lay flat to air dry.  


Do your yarns bleed?

We take every precaution to prevent this from happening.  We wash and rinse every batch to make sure that any stray dye has been stripped from the yarn.  With this being said some dyes are notoriously hard to set (reds, I'm looking at you) so we always suggest that you use caution with any high contrast projects and make sure to wash your project as we described above.  Using a cool water to wash for the first couple of times will help any bleeds from setting into your lighter yarns. 

Do you like cookies?

Why yes, yes we do.